The Impact Of Ethical Dimension On Job Satisfaction Of Employees

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IMPACT OF ETHICAL DIMENSION ON JOB SATISFACTION OF EMPLOYEES Chapter No. 1 Introduction 1.0 Background The need of organizational ethics is becoming more significant for job satisfaction in all businesses. These businesses have to face many ethical issues like social responsibilities, social expectations, fair competition, legal protections and rights. The consistency and maintenance of an organization’s culture enforces the management to take into account the culture and various factors like performance, driving force to work, dedication, etc. (Lund, 2003). These issues affect all the parties that are interlinked to each other. This means that organizational leadership has a great impact on the outcomes of the business. It implies that if leadership ensures support and rewarding ethical behavior, the more positive and fruitful will be the expected outcomes. A person can convince others to achieve specific objectives through inspiration and leading properly. Human beings have the capacity to bring harmony in a group and lead people towards a goal (David, 1986). Job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a person’s job which is a result of the appraisal of its characteristics. Some people have positive feelings about their jobs while some have negative (Robbins, Judge & Sanghi). A lot of factors are responsible for creating job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. These factors are the traditional components of job satisfaction. It varies from person to person. The
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