The Impact Of Globalization On Culture

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Culture is a person’s way of living, the way they speak, eat, and worship. From the stimuli given, the common theme is culture and the way of living being affected greatly. In Vanishing Voices, it discussed how many languages are disappearing in favor of more commonly used ones. In A Letter to My Nephew, it was about an African American man encouraging his nephew to stay true to himself and not to let others decide his destiny because he did not have to be just like [the white man]. In The Struggle to Govern the Commons, it was about people with more power shaping the world in their own image. Lastly, in Self Portrait Between the Borderlines of Mexico and the United States, it shows how Mexican people loss their connection to nature and themselves as they are shaped to the ideas of America. The source behind their culture and way of living being affected is globalization. Globalization has an immense impact on culture because it connects different cultures and causes “small” cultures to assimilate into “larger” cultures.
The word “Globalization” was first coined by Theodore Levitt, a marketing professor, in a 1983 article in the Harvard Business Review, but the concept has long been a factor in the foreign relations of the United States and has deep roots in history. Defined broadly, globalization is the process of integrating nations and peoples—politically, economically, and culturally—into a larger community. Economically, it meant the expansion of trade and investments,

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