The Impact Of Hurricane Katrina On The United States

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The world is made up of mostly water, human beings are made up of mostly water also; water is everywhere. Water helps us sustain life most of the time, unless it’s a tropical storm coming up from the Atlantic Ocean killing thousands. Specifically August 24th, 2005; a very strong storm known as Hurricane Katrina was heading northwest towards the mainland of the United States. Such a storm could lead to catastrophe and there will be no happy ending for anyone. When any type of natural disaster strikes, how does America respond and help those who are in need. The idea of Hurricane Katrina interested me because my favorite college football team are known as the “Miami Hurricanes”. It felt right to research hurricanes and how it affects many people near waters. I hope to learn why hurricanes form the way they do and what makes them dangerous. Many people were affected from Hurricane Katrina, so what were most people doing in the year 2005 before mayhem struck.
Historical Context
People who lived in the United States in the year 2005 had a lot to deal with whether it was personal or national. There were many obstacles occurring in 2005 whether it was bad or good. When Bush had been re-elected, he was the least popular re-elected president since Richard Nixon. A New York Times poll was taken by many people; of those people, only 42% of Americans approved what Bush had been doing. ("On the back foot; The presidency."). When Bush stated his second Inaugural Address, he said “All who

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