The Impact Of Internet On The Healthcare System Essay

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The proliferation of technology has had a significant impact on the healthcare systems. The 21-century is one of the centuries that have benefited a lot from the use of technology. There are technological advancements that have changed our way of thinking and even how we interact with each other. The healthcare sector has not been left behind by the technological revolution. Some of the important technological advancements are the internet, which globally connects people, organizations and countries together. The age of Internet and the computer has impacted the healthcare system to a great extent. The Internet has had a lot of positive impacts on the healthcare system, and some negative impacts have also been evidenced. The role of the Internet in the healthcare system cannot be ignored. It has changed how organizations are offering healthcare services and even how people communicate in the healthcare system. The internet has also enabled the practitioners to provide health care services outside the traditional healthcare setting. The paper will lay a focus on the healthcare and Internet where key issues such as positive and negative impacts will be discussed at length. The internet is promoting access to health information The Internet is the most useful resource that has been used for accessing information related to healthcare. The physicians are using the internet to inform people about the various health issues. It has been noted that the physicians are using the

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