The Impact Of Lesbian And Gay Marriage

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) issues have continuously triggered debates and controversies among various individuals across the globe. The rising concerns leading to the differences in opinions regarding LGBT emanate from the point of perceptions, cultural beliefs, religious values and political basis. Due to the dynamics of not accepting the existence of the LGBT people by some individuals in their communities, the LGBTs have found it hard to express themselves freely and enjoy equal rights just like a regular citizen should.
In some communities, extreme measures have been taken against individuals suspected to be lesbian or gay because of the way the public views the LGBT people. It is disheartening and traumatizing for most of them to come out and express themselves openly. Some have been forced to lead double standards. However, the situation has changed in Brazil and in America where laws and policies have been developed to support and protect the LGBT community. Several states in the United States of America and Brazil have demonstrated recognition and acceptance of the lesbian and gay community through the passing and legalization of same-sex marriages. The governments have issued bans on discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace and other areas where the lesbians and gays got unequal treatment.
One of the policies considered significantly within the LGBT rights is the same-sex marriage. Gay marriage is
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