The Impact Of Local Government On Local Government

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Local government is an administrative body for a small area such as a city,town county or state.The local government will typically only have control over their specific area.

The main aim of local government is to provide a system under which councils perform the functions and exercise the powers conferred by or under this Act and any other Act for the peace, order and good government of their municipal districts.

The impacts of this on HG Walter will be that employees will have to pay to park.
This will impact HG Walter in a bad way this is because the staff will have to pay to park. Which would affect them because their employees may not want to work in a place where there will have pay to park.
By the government implementing that HG Walters have to have parking meters will impact the public in managing their parking times.

Regional government is a government entity that only has control on their specific small area.

National government is the government or political authority that controls a nation.

The main aim of the national government is to have a stable security they also aim to enforce laws for the nation.
European government makes laws that affect all the countries in the EU.The EU government are concerned about the environmental issues as well as other areas.

The main aim of the European government is to establish European citizenship they also aim to ensure the free movement of people , goods and services.

The impacts of this on HG Walter will be that

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