The Impact Of Performance Management On Employee Performance And A Career Path For The Employee

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The aim of this study is to ensure that both managers and employees are working hard to contribute to the achievement of an organization’s goals and objectives. Previous researchers identified that there is a disconnection in the performance management process from the evaluation stage to the leveraging of the opportunity to plan for improved performance and a career path for the employee. This study will ensure that organizations do not focus on maintaining or deserting performance management, but focus on how they can best benefit from the system. Qualitative research design was used to create a better understanding of the problem and provide new insights on the research problem. The results show the various benefits of performance management as a development tool and some of the barriers to achieving the benefits.

The Employee Performance Review as a Development Tool
Performance management has long been an area of study, and has undergone an evolution that ranges from the studies in the thirty years between 1950-1980, which focused primarily on the methods of rating or ranking performance, to modern theories which seek to remove the stigma attached to the process as a useless exercise faced with dread by managers and employees (Whitten, 2014). The term performance management gained popularity and importance in the 1980’s because of increased pressure from increasing competition in the business environment. Modern theories seek to

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