Public Administration Is Vital To The Future Of The United States

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“Wilson (1887) argued that political science should concentrate on how governments are administered, focusing not only on personnel problems, but also on the organization and management in general. How then did Wilson define PA and why did he believe it was so vital to the future of the United States? Briefly discusses the theoretical development and arguments put forth by earlier scholars on the general approaches of management techniques in public administration since Wilson’s seminal piece; and briefly discuss whether Wilson’s basic rationale and values are still valid. Public administration is something that the general public does not think about. In fact, many do not even probably know what it is. But what the public does not know is administration effects their everyday lives. Karl Marx described administration when he said “Administration is determined action taken in pursuit of a conscious purpose. It is the systematic ordering of affairs and the calculated use of resources aimed at making those happen which one wants to happen.”("What is Public Administration? - Meaning and its Definition")
But how does public administration apply to our country and what did our leaders say about it? Wilson said that the field of administration is like a field of business. It is devoid of politics. He said it is only a component of political life the same a machine is a part of creating a product.
I think he saw administration as a means to enforce policy.

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