The Impact Of Poplar Plantation On The World 's Largest Tree Species Essay

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Poplar is a versatile tree species that is highly amenable to vegetative propagation (Jiaxing et al. 2014), it has a rapid growth rate, which is a good model system for the transformation of woody plant species (Ali-Movahedi et al.2014). These trees are highly beneficial to our environment; their oxygen plays a vital role in the protection of soil erosion in eastern China. They are used as habitat for wildlife, soil carbon sequestration, and phytoremediation. They are able to grow in lowland and highland forestation (Bernd et al., 2004), which makes them very important to the pulp, paper, and cosmetic industries (Ferreira et al., 2009). The P. deltoides are one of the fastest growing trees in North America (Haverbeke et al., 2000). They are the largest North American hardwood tree (Steve Nix, et al., 2001). Poplar plantation plays an important role in eastern China agriculture industries. In 2002, the Republic of China launched the world 's largest tree planting project, within the same year their State Forestry Administration approved genetically modified poplars for commercial planting. China has over one million genetically modified crops that have been planted (Chris Lang, 2004). Furthermore, they have over 7.0 million hm2 poplars planted, which makes them one of the countries with the largest poplar plantation. As many countries, The Chinese government is highly interested in poplar plantations for a stronger social, economic,

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