The Impact Of Privacy In Nigeria

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Before the British colonial invasion, Nigeria lived as autonomous commities, kingdoms and caliphates, where political, social and economic administrations were carried out independently. At the invasion, Nigeria became a British protectorate, part of the British Empire in 1901. However, for administrative purposes the protectorate was divided into the Southern and Northern Protectorates. In 1914 both protectorates were merged into a single colony known as Nigeria by the effort of Sir Fredrick Lugard. This amalgamation was with the intent to unite the people and culture of the Northern and Southern protectorates into a sovereign nation called Nigeria. However, the success of this 1914 amalgamation has been called to question given the ever widening gap in …show more content…

The possibility of surveillance, whether direct or through access to records of speech, research and exploration, undermines a democratic society. Privacy, an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights Protecting user privacy and confidentiality has long been an integral part of the mission of libraries. The ALA has affirmed a right to privacy since 1939. Rights to privacy and confidentiality also are implicit in the guarantee of free access to library resources for all users. Libraries advocate the rights of people to unfettered access to information (Okeke, Ibegbulam, Orakpor and Asom, 2013). Libraries are the focal point for people’s inquiry into the physical and social phenomena of their environment as it serves as a social instrument, a learning centre and an open university for all classes of people. Nevertheless, for political consciousness and participation / participative citizenry, information literacy is essential. Libraries also serve as trusted providers of information literacy programmes to citizens required to spur their political consciousness and participation. 3.0 Roles of Libraries in Enhancing Federalism in

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