The Impact Of Public Figures As A Role Models On Children

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Do we want young teen girls living in a world where it’s normal for boys to call them “a fat piglet”? Many famous celebrities act inappropriately in the public eye. Since they’re so famous, if they do anything that should be considered wrong, no one really thinks of it as a mistake. For example, if someone at school hit, called someone an inappropriate name, everyone would make a big deal out of it. However, if a popular basketball player hit his wife, it isn’t published in news sources and showed to the public as much as it should be. Furthermore, public figures being perceived as a role model affects children in negative ways because they act inappropriately in the public eye, are violent, and break laws. Many celebrities think it’s okay to act improper in public because they’re famous. Look at the president of the United States, Donald Trump, he has social media and some of the things he says and puts for everyone to see is a little much sometimes. There is a video of Trump in an interview a couple years back calling Khloe Kardashian “a fat piglet”. If a teen girl saw that video one day and she was insecure about her looks, that video isn’t going to make her feel better about herself. Statistics show in 2011-2013 there was 10.9 per 100,000 teens who committed suicide. A lot of those teens were assumably insecure, feeling unaccepted in the world, dealing with depression, and felt like they were alone in the world. Letting public figures say disrespectful and cruel words

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