The Impact Of Settler Colonialism

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Settler colonial theory (SCT) is a means for non-indigenous people to disturb colonial privilege accrued by settler societies from the displacement and suppression of indigenous peoples and their culture (Makoun & Strakosch, 2013). Settler colonialism is a distinct form of colonialism that facets by way of the substitute of indigenous populations with an invasive settler society that, over time, develops a unique identity and sovereignty. Settler colonial states include Canada, the U.S., Australia, and South Africa, and settler colonial concept has been important to finding out conflicts in areas like Israel, Kenya, and Argentina, and in tracing the colonial legacies of empires that engaged in the general groundwork of settlement colonies. …show more content…

The perspective is not merely historical because the settler-colonial ideas continue to influence relations between Euro-Canadian settlers and indigenous peoples (Woolford & Benvenuto, 2015). The propositions of settler colonial theory are based on observations of the ontological framework of settler society that casts indigenous groups as a separate nation with practices that justify the denial of indigenous rights. The ideology eventually becomes ingrained in settler society to the point where the racist paradigms are pervasive and operate unconsciously on all levels of interactions between indigenous and non-indigenous society (Denis, 2015).

Economic and Social Movement Alliances The economic alliance between Indigenous people and the business community has become more common in the post-TRC and Canada 150 environment. The business alliances generally can be characterized as a paternalistic partnership in which the business organization exogenous to the indigenous community takes the leadership of the alliance despite the common economic objective. An example is the strategic alliances formed by joint ventures between indigenous communities and private corporations in the potash and other mineral extraction industries (Gordon, Kayseas, & Moroz, 2017). The non-indigenous business organization contributes capital

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