The Impact Of Social Media Technology On The Context Of Curation Journalism Essay

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5.3 Research Methodology
In order to fulfil the objectives of this research, this research needs to be looked from certain frameworks, such as the journalism principles and cultural issues. The research would examine how these frameworks cover the use of social media technology in the practice of curation journalism. It would involve an excavation of qualitative data from informants within the research’s subjects, those are journalists of, and, three online media in Indonesia. In relation to that, I include this study into a paradigm in the field of qualitative research. This option was taken under consideration the social benefits within this research, which I believe will enrich the information about the construction of meaning and culture shift in the context of curation journalism.
Thomas A Schwandt (2000) examines three paradigm stances in qualitative research: interpretivism, hermeneutics and social constructionism. The interpretivists and the philosophers of hermeneutics argue that it is possible to understand human actions by directly grasping the subjective meaning of beliefs, desires and so on. Whereas, the social constructionists view that “all knowledge claims and their evaluation take place within a conceptual framework through which the world is described and explained” (Schwandt 2000: p. 191-197).
Based on the explanation above, and considering the frameworks that mentioned earlier, it is envisaged that this study is laid within

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