The Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Employees On Their Productivity At Work

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Assessment 3: Research Proposal
Executive Summary:
Social networking is considered as one of the most important development aspects of today’s business world. It has contributed to another feature in the way people all over the world communicate with each other. The social networking sites are now used by millions of people around the world that has modified their web conduct. Success of the companies is mostly dependent on their employees as they are able to build values and help companies to create a reasonable long-term competitive advantage. Any organisation’s success largely relies on their employees’ productivity. The popularity of social networking in today’s business world has affected the workplace and most of the employees now …show more content…

Information will be collected through semi-structured interviews and the use of questionnaires. Specific and uniform set questions will be used in the study purpose to achieve and gather precise and specified information in relation to the subject matter.

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the study
The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of social networking websites on productivity of the employees. It also aims to understand the consequences of allowing unrestricted access of social networking websites to the employees of the organisation. The report will present whether there is positive or negative relationship between employees’ involvement in social networking websites and their productivity.
1.2 Context of the study
The success of any organisation is mainly reliant on employees. Employees are regarded as one of the significant assets that enable the organisations to have a long-term competitive advantage. In today’s world of business, skills in relation to digital knowledge and Internet literacy are considered mandatory for both organisations and their employees. Employees who have access to networking sites are also spending time on social networking websites and getting involved in other activities which are not related to work such as exploring social media, watching videos, following news, downloading music, etc (Uddin, Luva and Hossain, 2012).
Use of social network on today’s business world has gained

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