The Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry Essay

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Technology: The Significant Impacts on the Music Industry It’s intriguing how the music industry has significantly changed throughout the years due to the constant increase of technology. There are many different reasons to show how technology has made a huge impact whether positive or negative on this phenomenal industry. Music cultivates so much meaning to the world, and speaks volumes on the behalf of individuals when they don’t know what to physically say. That being said, whether it’s listening to music, creating it, or marketing it, technology has opened many new opportunities and ways for people to express themselves through music. Marketing has always been apart of being a musician and in the music industry in general. Technology has completely changed the way artists get their music out there. Back in the day before any technology, the only way for artists to get their music or event out there and known was actually going out and talking to people and then having it spread by word of mouth. Then, these artists would have to prove they were good enough to get an audience and from there people would only hear their music if they saw the artist perform live. There was no other way. There was no Internet and there wasn’t even radio prior to the 1920s. “Radio brought a new world of sound into the American living room in the early 1920s” (Dunbar, 165). With the growth of the recording industry came the radio, which now brought a way for people to market their music or
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