The Impact Of The Internet On Literacy

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I created the interpretative part of my project with the intent of showing how the internet has improved the literacy of every age group throughout the world. From underdeveloped countries, to extremely modern nations such as Japan, the internet plays a vital role in the development of literacy in humans. My target audience for this research project is the person who thinks that the internet does not effect the literacy rate. I will present my results in an organized research paper, to ensure that any interested parties will find a comprehensive document outlining both the benefits and negatives the internet has to offer. While my topic has changed to the internet’s effect on literacy from my previous one of college kids under too much …show more content…

Through extensive research they found that “active management of internet education by parents is key to a child’s early success” (Shi- Jer, Yuan-Chang 178). Children’s brains develop much quicker when allowed to use the internet, thus leading to a more mature and literate child. Proving Carr wrong. In class, we discussed how this is exactly what holocaust deniers do. Primo Levi is upfront with what he saw, and effectively conveys that “one of the most important messages delivered time and time again from Holocaust survivors is the need to bear witness, something which Primo Levy exactly does in Survival in Auschwitz” (Canvas). We see how the Holocaust deniers circulate their incorrect point of view, in the hopes of convincing others that what the rest of the world acknowledges as the truth is actually wrong. In the cases of Levi and Shi- Jer & Yuan-Chang; even when the opposite sides were confronted with irrefutable evidence the false narrative still prevailed on some fronts. It is important that we raise awareness about these kinds of topics, as the more people know the more informed decisions they can make.
It is dumbfounding to me that people wouldn’t believe what a Holocaust survivor such as Primo Levi says. Levi has absolutely no reason to lie about the horrendous events he experienced. However, in some instances Levi says that he has felt “the definite

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