The Impact of Population Aging

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1.1: Study Background

The population aging, in other words, the greying of the population is major concern all over the world. Many factors are leading to population aging, namely, unwillingness to marry, late marriage, fertility control, low birth rate and longer life span. All these factors are also related to developing status of the country. The more the country is developing, the more the factors have stronger effect on aging population and the age population problems of the country is more serious.

If there is no solution for the population aging, many countries, especially developing countries, will face the problems regarding old age care. The Government of the many countries will be facing huge
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The research questions that we prepared are as follows:
1) Discuss Age Population
2) What is population ratio in Singapore?
3) What is the effect of Age Population in Singapore?
4) How does Singapore respond to Age Population?
5) Discuss what Singapore should do to overcome to Age Population and its problems?

From the analysis of the above research questions, following research objectives are derived:
1) To describe Age Population
2) To investigate the seriousness of Age Population from the ratio
3) To understand the effect of Age Population in Singapore
4) To illustrate Singapore and Singaporean reaction to Age Population
5) To establish solutions to Age Population.

1.4: Research Structure

We will further discuss on Literature review and Research Methodology.



2.1: Age Population

Age Population means the population is mainly with older aged group (65 years and over). In another way, it was explained as age structure of a population shifted towards older ages, Gavrilov and Heuveline: 2003. When the majority population of a country or a region age 65 and above, its population is aging. Population aging is mainly favoured in industrialized countries, and slower in less developed countries.

2.2: Population ratio in Singapore

According to Singapore Population Census 2010, Singapore’s current population is recorded as 5.08 million at the end of June this year. Out of 5.08 million populations,
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