The Impacts of Color on Web Design

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Color is an important aspect of web design. The color layout of a website can be either good or bad for a website depending on the cultural background of its audience. Colors can also helped catch the eye when certain ones are placed on top of each other. Many colors cause a reaction generally emotional in people who see them. The culture or the background of the user has a major impact on what the color means to them. While a color could mean one thing in one country it could mean something completely different in another country ( Due to the various differences in subconscious color recognition in many countries it is best to have the right color scheme that gives the right impression to the user of the website. Colors can especially affect the user of the website in many ways.
Colors have the ability to stimulate one’s senses. Colors can cause many emotional reactions in users such as warm colors causing a user to feel happy do to the feeling of warmth these colors bring. Combining different shades of one color on one site is good to give the user a more refreshing feel. Colors such as red, black, and blue can have different meanings depending on where the user viewing the color is from. A color like red can mean emotions such as passion, love, and a more opposite meaning anger. While a colors such as white and orange generally mean the same thing everywhere ( Due to different cultures around the world, colors have
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