The Impacts of the Economic Environment in Tom’s Maine Brand Essay

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The economy has a great impact on everything that we do as consumers. In many ways the economy determines what our choices as shoppers’ may be. Because of this, businesses are heavily impacted by the economic environment that surrounds us. In regards to Tom’s Maine which is a very popular name brand that uses all natural and organic ingredients in its products, the economic environment will definitely have an impact on how many products are sold to the consumer. When the economy is performing poorly, and the stock market plummets, this lowers the propensity for individuals to go out shopping for certain luxuries, such being choosy as to what toothpaste this person may prefer. For example, because Tom’s of Maine uses all natural …show more content…

It is the drive of these individuals who care for the earth and the environment, that help keep a company like Tom’s of Maine up and running, and by keeping it up and running, they are also helping to produce products that support their beliefs and principles.
Today the technological environment impacts almost every aspect of the way a business is ran, from the way a customer order is received to the way shipments are processed. Technology has definitely impacted business in a tremendous way. For Tom’s of Maine, the convenience of being able to order products online is pretty fantastic for both the seller and the consumer. Not only this, but technology in the case of Toms of Maine enabled a true connection with the consumer through the use of the internet. Not only is a consumer able to order products online, but in the case of this particular company, the consumer is able to connect with the company on a much deeper level. The company’s website encourages the health of our planet through recycling and other means. This not only encourages the use of their products but also helps them connect with their target consumers while simultaneously supporting a good cause. Technology also helps with the infrastructure of company, as it essentially makes everything much more organized.
Global environment readily impacts businesses all over the world, as any change originating in one country can affect several others. Such examples include the use of

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