The Implementation Of Technology Into Healthcare Practices

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Project Plan Health care is going through a stage that requires attention, such considerations involve improving the quality of patients care, and lowering health care cost. The response to these concerns must be answered with the implementation of technology into healthcare practices. Technology can improve patient care in many different ways. By using technology, health care professional can control waste of resources, this will improve patient care. Health care organizations must understand that the use of technology is to help the patients, and to improve the care they deliver. In addition, technology or the use of systems in a health care organizations, will support a care givers goal of helping the patient. Technology in a health…show more content…
Improving patient care will always come first, second will be to control waste, which will assist the organization to function properly. This paper will help one understand why implementing an electronic health records system into a hospital is critical for patient care. This by focusing on the importance of such system, for the patient and the hospital. This very critical point is very important for the success of any health care system. The hospital must first recognize that electronic health records will only benefit their patient care delivery and quality. Such characteristics hold a hospitals reputation. In order to stay competitive, hospitals must keep up with technology, and the use of electronic health records is one system currently used by many hospitals, and other health care facilities. If the implementation is not consider by a hospital, this facility will fail at deliver the appropriate patient care. Such actions or wrong ideas, can easily lead a hospital to have to close its doors. Nevertheless, this project will help one to recognize required steps for planning and implementing an electronic health records system into a hospital. Electronic Health Record Implementation Electronic health records help to improve patient care. It is a tool that must be considered by all health care practices. This must be nationwide, the failure to do so, will lead to failure of proper medical care. Electronic health records is a
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