The Implementation Of The Itil Service Operation

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Aishwarya Ravi - ITM – 574
The aim of the ITIL service operation is to co-ordinate and manage the ongoing activities implemented during the earlier phases of ITIL Service Strategy, Service Design and Service Transition that deliver value to our business. Service operation is a phase in ITIL where the services designed, tested and transitioned into live environment are efficiently managed. Managing the services include managing the underpinning process and the tools required to deliver those services. Service operation is also responsible to manage the ongoing technology in an organization that delivers and support IT services. Service operation is a critical for an organization as it ensures proper functioning and execution of
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Sturdy end to end operational practices
c. To achieve service excellence
d. Business as usual (day to day activities)
e. Discern the business value for the service provided
When all the above mentioned goals are met then the actual business value is seen and understood.
Service Operation Process:
The Service Operation process help us to manage our services that are delivered on a long going basis. The various process are:
a. Incident Management Process:
The services that an organization offer may fail so, we need a process to manage those failures and ensures that when there is a failure the quality of the service that an organization offer do not impact the business value that they deliver to the customers and restore the normal service operation as soon as possible. The normal “Service Operation” refers to the service that is defined in the Service Level Agreement that is agreed by the customers.
b. Problem Management Process:
The organization needs this process in order to identify the problems, their root cause for the failures like to identify “What has gone wrong?”, fix the problem and preventing it from happening again and document the known errors for future reference.
c. Event Management Process:
The organization should monitor the services the way it is functioning and delivering to the business as required. So, an organization would have process to monitor those services which is done by “Event Management”. The aim of event management is to identify any
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