The Implementation Of The Management Functions In A Workplace

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The Implementation Of The Management Functions In A Workplace

Rolinda McCarthy
MGT330: Management for Organizations (BAC1412E)
Instructor: Scott Fortin
April 21,2014

When a company goes into business one of the first considerations is management, it is one of the most important parts. This is what I call the control center or where all things stems from, this is where the goal is held and all controls started "The bridge". On that bridge we have five different control modules or five functions of management they are: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling and Coordinating. These functions have to be totally integrated into all aspects of the business. No matter the business the goals of the company must
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DJM management in the controlling process ensures that plans that were set are being implemented properly to each area of the business. This is not something that stops it is a process that management has to revisit many times to measure input to output. In order to manage the process better DJM management set up were guiding tools thru what we call the ISO (internal system operations) method of control: The FAA has standard rules by which every company that handles or sell part that go on a airplane has to follow, then there is the internal control that DJM has setup based on FAA and other industry regulations, ever so often DJM has to audit our systems, paper work and sales calls to makes sure there are no gaps if there is that corrective measures are sited and implemented. DJM management believes by doing this everyone will perform responsibilities like it was second nature. "While simple compliance is sufficient for some companies, other organizations feel they must go beyond compliance to more fully meet the demands of society. Many believe that organizations have a
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