Qualities of a Manager

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Surname: Johannes
Initials: O R
Student number: 3374223
Module: ADM 618
Module: Principles of Management and Business 2013
Assignment: Individual
Title: Qualities of a Successful Manager: Literature Review & Personal Assessment

Date due: 06 March 2013

Statement: All the sources used and/or quoted have been indicated and acknowledgement by means of Complete references.

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Qualities of a successful manager

I have recently done some research with regards to what the essential criteria of successful management entails. It has come to my attention that these qualities differ from …show more content…

They have a sense of enjoying what they are doing and in-turn this would lead to their promotion or growth within the business or the relative field due to the love or passion they have. An evident change in the dragging, below average work and absenteeism will noticeably be improved.

You firstly have to have respect for yourself before you can earn respect of others, in saying this you have to see yourself as someone worthy of respect. This quality of management includes consideration for other people’s privacy, their physical space and belongings. In the same light it also includes respecting different viewpoints, philosophies, physical ability, beliefs and personality. Regardless of the quality or standard of work of the employee, respect still has to be shown and the corrective procedures should be followed where need be but negative criticism should definitely not be tolerated.

From experience in my market existence I have gathered that i still have quite a bit of learning to do before I will excel at being a high quality and effective manager.

When I measure my emotional intelligence up to what it effectively should be then I can comfortably say that I am not too far off from where it should be. I do understand that all humans bleed and have feelings therefore I base my decisions on my judgement. I am to a great extent able to manage

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