The Implementation of the Acceleread and Accelewrite Programme on Dyslexic Students

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Select an intervention or support strategy from the module and explain how this approach meets the needs of students with dyslexia. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your chosen intervention by critically evaluating its research and evidence base, and discuss how you might implement this approach in practice

During this assignment we will look at the effects of the implementation of the Acceleread and Accelewrite programme on dyslexic students and how it meets the needs of our students. We have recently been working with a group of Dyslexic students in Year 3 and have introduced the programme as an intervention strategy used to accelerate their reading and spelling skills. The school is an independent primary school in Hong …show more content…

The advantages of which are described by Locke et al (1997), who postulate that the ‘neural and cognitive plasticity’ of younger children means that they are more susceptible to intervention at a young age than when their learning has become more habitualised later on. If difficulties in reading and spelling are addressed at the earliest possible opportunity the pupil will benefit from increased access to the whole curriculum. Locke et al (1997) also argue that early intervention ‘mitigates’ the damaging effects of failure on self-esteem.
Although our school works hard to currently address the needs of our Dyslexic children with a degree of success with relation to academic progress (as monitored through quantitative assessments carried out by the Learning Support Team and also through the continual tracking and assessment), there are currently several older children in the school, now approaching the transition to secondary education, who have experienced feelings of low self-esteem and reluctance to read or write throughout their schooling. One child in particular feels he is continually frustrated and has been reduced to tears in class.
The school’s provision for Dyslexic pupils would be more successful if reading and spelling ability equivalent to the child’s chronological age could be achieved early on in the child’s schooling in order to prevent

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