The Importance Of A Health And Safety Executive Inspector

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Following on from my role as a Health and Safety Executive inspector in assignment 1, I have left the HSE to become a director of my own small engineering manufacturing business (an SME). Unfortunately two of my staff has been involved in an accident in the workshop area involving a collision with a fork-lift truck. One of my worker s was hospitalized with a foot injury. In this assignment I will create a case study that links to this scenario by regarding the necessary methods of reporting and recording of accidents, incidents and near misses.
Recording of accidents, incidents and emergencies-
It is important that employers keep a record of any accidents, incidents and emergencies that have occurred as it is a legal document enforced by RIDDOR. It provides details such as what caused the injury and who is to blame, this is especially important if the injury is fatal or serious and allows the employer to make sure the hazard is sorted out. The report will be sent to the HSE so they can decide what the risk is, how it happened and if it needs to be investigated by a HSE inspector. The report is also important if an employee would like to start a law suit to sue the company so that the exact time and date can be seen and if it links to the Injury.
Responsibilities of competent persons-
A competent person must provide suitable training to starting employees to make sure they know what they’re doing and all the hazards that could occur plus how to prevent them. Competent
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