The Importance Of A Nurse 's Job

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I have known since a young age that I wanted to become a Nurse, this desire is something that has driven me to gain knowledge, experience and to now strive for a higher education to solidify this dream. The compassion and knowledge of the women and men that I have known as nurses has been unlike that of any other, they have always been held at a different level of dignity and selflessness one that I would like to aspire to become,. As our text states “nurses themselves cannot agree on a single definition”(Ellis & Hartley, 2012. p.21) I believe this is to be true, because a Nurse’s job is so complex that it cannot be defined. A nurse holds so many positions throughout a single shift without expectation of reward and or acknowledgment. A nurse holds true to all definitions of the title from the early definitions to those that are yet to come. From reading the text and watching the video “Sentimental Women Need Not Apply” I found it very interesting that when the idea of the Nurse was first formed they held no real significance to the medical community. The duties of a nurse were often left to a member of the family, or left to women whom had committed crimes as a form of retribution. Nursing as a profession did not begin to develop until the “Christian period” (Ellis & Hartley, 2012. p.5) at which time religion had a significant impact on the development of what became the modern nurse. A nurse was meant to show caring and compassion to very literately ‘care’ for the patient

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