The Importance Of A Unified Communication Application

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Communication within an organization is very important for keeping people informed, updated and help move the organization forward. Cost of operations within a company is the top item that companies work to reduce. A unified communication application is a means to help in the reduction of operating costs.
A unified communications application like Skype has three main functions and a couple additional abilities that can be used in a one to one interaction or a conference type interaction. Skype has the ability to provide instant messenger, audio and/or video to users and provides a means for multiple participants. The three features can be used simultaneously or in different combinations. The instant messenger feature can be used for a quick note to another user or users and the recipient(s) do not need to be at the computer when the message is sent (Figure 1). The time needed to send an instant messenger message is real time which is much less than a normal email, which reduces time. Skype instant messenger comes in handy when a user does not want to interrupt a meeting by calling or wasting time going by Alice’s office, Bob could send a quick instant messenger note to Alice to see if they are available for a discussion.
The audio function is similar to a standard phone call with one exception. The normal operation entails retrieving or typing in the phone number of a person’s office, home, mobile or Skype number and pressing the off hook button just like most
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