The Importance Of Achieving Congruence Between An Organization 's Strategy And Hrm Practices

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The importance of achieving congruence between an organisation’s strategy and HRM practices. Globalisation is the latest business concept through which companies are integrating their business functions, processes and strategies across the globe taking advantage of the economic growth and culture of countries overseas. This approach increased the significance of Human Resource Management in an organization to a great extent in promoting sustainable development, of all aspects in most industries. HRM not only manages the employees of the company, but is also helps managers adapt to the changing global corporate atmosphere (Bradley, 2014). Low manufacturing costs and cheap labour has opened potential markets in developing economies i.e.…show more content…
We will also study a range of HR practices utilised by both national and multinational organisations to gain a lead over their rivals in a competitive environment. Application of HR practices and approaches may differ based on the type of organization and industry (Theriou and Chatzoglou, 2008). Our focus will be the following HRM practices administering multinational and global organisations:(i) Selection and Recruitment (ii) Training and Development (iii) Employee Motivation (iv) Labour Laws and Regulations (v) HRIS Recruitment and selection is the initial and most crucial activity of Human resource management. It is a process of attracting and seeking a pool of qualified applicants from which potential candidates are selected for the job vacancy. HRM can exhibit a positive approach to the business, by emphasizing on hiring competent and proficient staff. HRM aims to having the right person at the right time on the right job, and importantly, one who is willing and able to work efficiently with an affordable pay expectation. Another aspect HRM needs to look for is, to assess the employee on their relevant skills, quick learning nature and their commitment towards the business. In the long run this approach of hiring the right mix of people would be more sustainable and more effective than hiring people by numbers (Nickson,2007). Poor recruitment decisions can incur heavy losses to an organisation in
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