Recruitment, Selection, And Selection Essay

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The topics I am going to discuss in this assignment are Recruitment and Selection. According to Foot and Hook (2011:161), ‘’Recruitment is commonly referred to as the attraction phase (e.g. Murphy, 2008b) and can be further defined as all activities directed towards locating potential employees, stimulating the interests of potential applicants and attracting applications from suitable candidates’’. Torrington et al (2014) propose selection as referring ‘to the methods used to decide which applicant to appoint to a vacancy’. I am going to discuss how recruitment and selection contributes to the effective operation of the HR Management purpose and also the challenges human resource management faces when hiring new employees such as availability of resources, not finding a certain candidate for a suitable position and not being able to find the talent they require. Also, I am going to include logistic examples of recruitment and selection from my chosen company which is Coca Cola enterprise.
The terms ’recruitment’ and ’selection’ are often considered together, but they are in fact distinct human resource management activities. While recruitment involves actively soliciting applications from potential employees, selection techniques are used to decide which of the applicants is best to fill the vacancy in question. We can thus characterise recruitment as a positive activity requiring employers to sell themselves in the relevant labour markets so as to maximise the pool of

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