Hope Health Systems Inc. Essay

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Executive Summary Hope Health Systems Inc. is a fast growing health care firm but faces major challenges in the area of employee selection and appraisal. Their processes are not standardized and keep changing which could be very confusing for new and long serving employees. It was assumed that the continuous change inn process was due to the consecutive hiring and firing of HR personnel in the past 4 years. However, a major contributing factor to this issue is that the organization is a family owned business and the owners were virtually in charge of recruitment, interviews and selections while the HR performed all employment paper work. This arrangement had a negative impact on employees at the time of appraisal as this was conducted by HR who is neither aware of employee’s roles and responsibilities nor aware of the employee’s developmental plans. In this report, a proposed appraisal system was recommended to help Hope Health Systems implement an effective performance appraisal process and also recommends three (3) basic steps for the appraisal method. Introduction
Employee recruitment and selection are crucial processes amongst other activities of an organization when it comes to employment and people management. It is a general knowledge that the most important asset of an organization is its “employees” since they offer perspectives, values and attributes to organizational life; which if managed effectively can be of considerable benefits to the organization.

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