The Importance Of An Effective Classroom Environment

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Effective education systems should provide school leaders and teachers with the opportunity and authority to take action, information to act wisely, and support to enable them to implement changes. An effective classroom environment incorporates such aspects as safety, inclusion, and engagement of the student in performing the tasks of education (LaCour, McGlawn & Dees, 2016). The safety of a child implies that the child does not feel afraid of the teacher, subject or other students in the class. A student who feels safe will feel motivated to express their feelings and thoughts in addition to learning proficiently and interactively as a result. A good classroom environment plan should offer safety by ensuring that learners feel free to interact with their colleagues and the teacher without fear of intimidation. Secondly, it should have inclusion by ensuring that every pupil gets equal distribution of resources. Inclusion implies that the classroom environment does not humiliate the student regarding access to classroom resources. Inclusion enables the student to achieve constant brain attention in the subject discussed leading to active learning (LaCour et al., 2016). Inclusion allows students who do not see themselves as successful in class to trust the teachers and the other students. Finally, the management plan will ensure that the learners and the teacher work as a community to facilitate learning. Engagement creates a team environment which connects the students with

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