The Importance Of Arranged Marriage

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Arranged a they would call it but forced in many ways. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship. Marriages such as this one is not a common thing in the United states but overseas in particular areas its a general thing that happens. Would they feel comfortable marrying someone they have never met? Can they rely on their parents picking their perfect match? With questions like these commonly asked arranged marriages could never be ethical in many eyes. While marriages like this can be thought of as great and helpful they should never take place because it causes many family dysfunctions, removes the idea of courtship, it only benefits the parents, and its disregarding to the arranged couples feelings. Arranged marriages should not happen because it causes to many family dysfunctions. In an arranged marriages their parents or religious leaders picks the person he or she is placed with. As Alexandra Zuffoletti stated in her article Traditional Arranged Marriages “ The parents choose their sons or daughters future spouse with only little input from the soon to be newly-wed,”. The parents feels as if they knows best for their child but in most cases it's never right because how would they ever know their owns childs preference or dislikes without asking them. Also as she points out “If he or she refuses to marry their chosen person, They will be punished, or sometimes even killed,”. In situations like this it could go in either a good

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