The Importance Of Asian Mythology And Beliefs

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Due to lack of diversity taught to students involving various cultures, Asian mythology and beliefs are very unfamiliar to the majority of the globe. Knowing different cultural views is necessary because it opens new perspectives on different civilizations, it stops the public from being oblivious to the rest of the world, and also allows the public to respect and understand different cultures more profoundly. In order to know more about Asian culture, China and India’s mythology and beliefs will be reflected upon, and facts towards these views will be brought to attention, as well as their known religious landmarks and the significance of the landmarks to the region’s practitioners.

One of China’s most diverse topics when it comes to mythology and beliefs are Xiǎolóng, which translates to dragons. This country is known for its celebratory festivals which include large, detailed dragon puppets that are controlled by several people. These puppets are used to honour the mythical creatures that the Chinese population worship. According to Cartwright (2017) There are multiple depictions for dragons that each contain their own meanings, like wealth and strength. These dragons are most often seen in a good aspects, and are also known as the embodiments of chi, which is the energy that flows through everything in the universe. Chinese dragons are described to have long snake like bodies, four short legs which contain four toes and

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