The Importance Of Basics In A College Students Of Education

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As a college student of business, I have questioned how the system of education requires everyone to take basic classes. I am always complaining that the basics are not important and are a waste of time and money. By doing this research my thought on the matter of importance of basics has changed slightly and reminded me of how basics help me during my first year in college, but I still think that some basic are not necessary. According to some sources you can benefit by taking basic courses in both ways academic and personal, however personally experienced said differently. By saying this I mean that basic courses can help, but they also can harm you. Some basics can help you experience how a university works. When I was a freshman the first classes that I took were the basics. As the matter of fact, the advisor even encourages students to begin with the basics. The reason is being that a lot of graduates often chance their mind about their major. According, to both authors Amanda Hambrecht and Spencer Posson, taking the basics first it gives you more time to think of what you really want to do for your vocation. By showing how different professors are in their way of teaching or grading, how the homework would be and what they expect you to know. It can also affect the GPA of every undergraduate, the best thing you can do to keep your GPA up is being more careful about who your professor , by taking with friends or people that you know had have that professor and can

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