Personal Statement: A Career As A College Student

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College has become the leading source of one’s development towards greatness. Those who can achieve a successful lifestyle, can often be correlated with being great. Becoming great is an opportunity open to all, but only a few have been capable of attaining greatness. Although we often complicated ourselves with the frequent hardships and difficulties presented to us, when simplified our lives consist of two simple elements, a goal, and its plan. What separates us, one from another, is our unique ability of persistence and dedication towards a goal, some have more than others. My plan for greatness consists of many longs years dedicated to studying and researching in hopes of becoming a medical doctor. After watching The Social Network, my thoughts on who I am as a college student have somewhat been altered. Other than the amount of prestige presented to the college/university, I have realized that there is no major difference between me and someone who attended an Ivy League school such as Harvard. We are both capable of achieving the same goal if a proper plan is set in place. This has brought me to the realization about how I feel as being a college student. If I continue to be motivated and determined throughout my scholastic career I am capable of achieving any goal set possible. Doctors save lives, they dedicate themselves to helping others survive. My plan is to help people, not only through my career but also through charity work. I plan to major in biology.

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