The Importance Of Being A Scrum Master

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CO665: Software Project Individual Report Introduction We as Team Volvic were delegated a task of creating a Transportation system of which we have managed to accomplish through lots of hard work and joint team collaboration. Our team consisted of 4 members, allowing us to split two members for the documentation and two members for the development of the software. Since, we had to implement the agile methodology, I chose the role of being the Scrum Master and documenter. The other team members were Ryan and Judy who took part in the coding, leaving Stone to help me with some parts of the documentation. Overall, we as a team have worked really well with one and other which mirrors in our end product. Personal Contribution Being a Scrum…show more content…
Having done this allowed us to create a foundation for our program. After having displayed all the visual elements, we started implementing the functionality for the traffic lights such as making them turn red, amber and green, besides this we also added functionality for the car to move across from one end to the other as well as stopping at specific coordinates. This allowed us to see if the car would travel on the set coordinates to the specific destination set. During this process, several IF statements were created to checking the traffic light status. After doing this, we added a detector which gave us reference points on our program enabling us to stop the car at specific locations. The strategy whilst developing the program was to break the code up into manageable chunks, so that it can be understood well. We carried out consistent testing to make sure that our code doesn’t have any fatal errors and bugs. If there was something we didn’t understand well we could ask our client Fernando for guidance or go to the Computing workshop. This helped us with the queries we had as well as to solute the problems with our code. Using the Agile approach enabled us to organize the software project into chorological order from the User Requirements to the End product. The requirements were formed by meeting our client Fernando on regular bases discussing the requirements of the program. He would assure
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