The Importance Of Body Art

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First of all, body art can promote the self-awareness of people, which means one focuses attention on himself and understands personal features, feelings and behaviors. Body art has a strong impact on human vision and soul, because it can always catch the human nature and embodies the publicity of human nature (Greif, J., Hewitt, 1999). In fact, the body is the most primitive and natural expression of human beings, and the art of body is an external form of expression, taking the human nature as its main feature. Since the body art reflects the nature of human body, it enables us to see the truest and the most essential things in human society. As Hagel said, “the body of human is the inner life of the spirit”. The word “spirit’ is a realm yearns for truth, wisdom, cognition, beauty and love, which never changes or fades. Therefore, on the one hand, body art raises individual conscious. This in turn 3 makes people think about themselves more deeply; understand both themselves and the development of human nature more clearly. Undoubtedly, human society is able to make a progress by deepening the understanding of human beings. On the other hand, body art awakens our appreciation of beauty and the greatness of our creator. Other than showing the external beauty of the human body, body art, indeed serves as an artistic appreciation. Modern artists borrow the body language to worship, appreciate the natural life of youth, sing the praises of love and the pursuit of freedom

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