The Importance Of Building A Year 1 Classroom Essay

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Reflection 1 - Building Relationships
Over the course of two weeks, I have come to realise the importance of building relationships in a year 1 classroom. These relationships are essential in providing the best possible learning opportunities for the students. Through developing these relationships with students and teachers, I have broadened my knowledge and understanding about the children’s individual learning styles, interests and the effect positive acknowledgement has on their participation and motivation levels.
When walking in day one, it was my goal to know the name of each individual child by the end of week one. Even in a two week placement, I understood the importance of acknowledging each child by their name. The students responded positively to this action. As a result, the students became friendlier and acknowledged me as a pre-service teacher. Another strategy implemented was positive feedback and engagement in interests. When students were expressing interests and stories, I used positive facial and body gestures to show acknowledgement and interest.
Throughout the two week placement, the strategies I have used for building relationships have continued to change and develop. As a result of discussions and seminars I decided in the best interests for the class to try to acknowledge positive behaviour instead of negative. By acknowledging negative and disrespectful behaviour, I would spend a considerable amount of time focusing on those students. Students
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