The Importance Of Catholic Social Thought In The Roman Catholic Church

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Catholic Social Thought, developed by the Roman Catholic Church is a set of principles promoting human rights and environmental conservation, continuously adapting to the modern world’s needs (Hornsby-Smith, 2006). These principles include: Dignity of the Human Person, The Common Good, Preferential Option for the Poor, Subsidiarity, The Universal Purpose of Goods, Stewardship of Creation, Promotion of Peace, Participation and Global Solidarity. Together, they provide an understanding of the interrelationship between self and community. First, Dignity of the Human Person is the idea that every person has innate and inherent human rights. All humans marvellously reflect the God’s image, so they are entitled to be treated with the greatest respect and dignity (Massaro, 2015). This statement, with its biblical basis, shows the value of human life and the immense importance of treating others with dignity regardless of age, race, disabilities and successes. The principle adds that people deserve access to more than just necessities (ACSJC, 2017). In a world where food, shelter and security are not all you need to thrive, this is important. The Common Good connects individuals to communities. It expresses the importance everyone working for the community and benefiting from it (Bishops of England and Wales, 1996 as cited in ACU, 2017a). This is done by considering each other’s mental, social emotional, spiritual and physical needs and may require a sacrifice, money or time, from

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