The Importance Of Cell Phone Bans In The Classroom

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Cellphones are a part of everyone life for most people in the United States. That is especially true for young people. Either way, no one knows just how many schools don’t allow students from using phones in the classroom or from bringing them to school. But we do know that bans like these are common-and for good reasons. It helps both students and teachers. Why, then, are cellphone bans still controversial? All schools, cellphones should not belong in the classroom because it is the action that makes the students stay away from studying. This issue should be put to rest once and for all. Cellphones keep students from concentrating and cyberbullying-kids who use phone will increase the risk. Although, some parents argue that their kids …show more content…

While they were in the class, they play with their phone and they didn’t understand the lesson that the teacher explain. So they cannot solve or answer the questions. In fact, I usually use my phone during class to assist me to the find answers. But after class, I forgot them. When I had a quiz, I got the lower grade because I didn’t remember on what I found in my phone. Also, I saved some lessons in my phone; anyway I have never looked at them. “College students (average age 18) who did not use their phones, they wrote down 62 percent more information in their notes and they scored a full letter grade and a half higher on a multiple choice test than those students who were actively using their mobile phones.” by Richard Freed (1). The students should focus to listen to the teacher instead of using their phones in class. Using phones in the class causes students to get lower grades. Another reason to keep cellphones out of the class time is that they can be used to cheat. If the students are able to bring their cellphone in to the class, they will have an opportunity to cheat when they do the examination. Since they were studying, they didn’t focus on studying, so they might not understand the lessons and they only saved them in the phone instead of remembering it. “While critics will cite the opportunity for cheating, unauthorized socializing and social isolation issues involved” by Room 241 team (3). If schools

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