Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School?

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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School? The debate of allowing cell phones in schools is ongoing. Many feel that cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they may be a distraction to learning. However, there are also multiple reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school. Some of those reasons include educational purposes, serve as a communication tool, and also be used as a resource for the future of many students. Cell phones are present everywhere and many people, regardless of age, use a cell phone or mobile device every day. This paper will provide a more detailed explanation of why cell phones should be allowed in schools. There are many advantages for students to carry and use cell phones while in school. One of these benefits is keeping up with technology and providing educational benefits. Students can learn how to use tech type skills that are needed to download apps and create documents and presentations. At the same time, students can download apps that are good for learning. These apps could also be shared with other students in the class. The teacher of students would be able to record group discussions or lectures in class using programs like Skype or Remind 101. The phone could also be used as a tool to provide auditory learners with an educational aid. Last, the student could use the phone to help with organizing their assignments with the electronic calendar. According to a research study on the USA Today website, “Although schools have traditionally banned or limited cell phones in the classroom, 73% of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers said their students use phones in the classroom or to complete assignments, according to a Pew Research Center study” (Higgins). A second advantage of students having cell phones in schools is for emergency and communication purposes. If a student has a health condition, it is possible for the parent and student to communicate using the phone’s technology if a medical need happened. Also, if a parent’s schedule changed or they had to work late, the student would have a way of knowing what was going on. According to Leyden, cell phones are also needed in case of an emergency (2015). In the news, there are many
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