The Importance Of Climate Change On The Environment

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Climate changes usually happens slowly in time but the past experience have shown that climate change can happen within a short time. This has become real and is a huge problem. Climate change refers to change in temperature. It can be either warming or cooling. Whereas global warming refers to an expansion in normal worldwide temperatures which leads to climate change. The reports show that the 12 warmest years comes after 1998. According to a survey in 2008, US have contributed 25 percent of greenhouse emission in the world. Climate changes can cause the formation of glaciers and can lead to the freeze of rivers and all. It has caused deaths of millions of people. It can lead to extinction of plants and some animals which would in turn affect the environment in a bad manner. Preventing the climate change and global warming is not something that can be done individually. Whereas there are a lot of ways in which the governments and business can curb this wicked problem.

The business can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the stage of manufacturing. Usage of recycled materials are a good example. The business or the companies can rely on purchasing only energy-efficient materials and equipment. Even the simplest things could lead to a big change. They can give bonuses to workers who uses public transportation. Businesses should promote low-carbon economy because that’s the only way to save the business as well as the world. Some companies

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