The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment

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1.0 Introduction
The development of society and economy has caused varieties of environmental problems in the past decades. Carbon dioxide (CO2), the most common greenhouse gases has caused a great impact on climate change, and to reduce the emission of CO2 becomes a worldwide agenda. (Christopher R.I, 2013) While, Buildings, taking up third of the total UK greenhouse gas emissions (CCC, 2014, have a great potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and improve the sustainable development in the future. One of the non-neglect issue to reduce the energy use and CO2 emission of building is in the construction phases. The embodied carbon accounting 20-50% of the total
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(Construction Products Association, 2012) Also cradle to grave assessment can be seen as the most comprehensive assessment, but varieties of assumptions need to be made throughout the long timescales. (Nigel H, 1999) In this essay two data sources are using, one is the inventory of carbon and energy (ICE) which focus on the embodied carbon assessment edited by the BSRIA. However, the boundary of ICE is cradle to gate. The other one is the Environment Agency, it is a tool to calculate the emission of the greenhouse gases in the construction.

3.0 building elements
Assume that there is a need for a 10m×10m external wall in Cardiff CF14 3UA. Based on CIBSE guide A (1999) to assess the two typical external walls. Dense concrete walls, 19mm render, 200mm dense concrete block, 25mm polyurethane insulation, 12.5mm plasterboard. And Precast concrete panel walls, 80mm dense concreate, 25mm EPS insulation, 100mm dense concreate, 50mm airspace and 12.5mm plasterboard. These two kind of materials has quite similar thermal performance, the dense concrete has 0.90 u-value, while the precast concrete panel has 0.85 u-value. The embodied carbon calculation seen in Appendices1-2.

4.0 Material assumption.
After selected the building element in CIBSE guide, choosing the material of different layer in CCC and ICE. The material in following table
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