The Importance Of College In College

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There is a lot of controversy between if college if necessary or not necessary in order to become successful in your career path. Personally, I believe college is a very crucial step for me in order to achieve what I want in life. I am in college due to the fact I know what I want to do with my life while understanding that being at this University is the next step to amplify my resume to ultimately get a sports broadcast anchor job, all while in hope to gain (skills) knowledge, wisdom, experience, and enhance my communication skills to help me be financially stable, become an amazing communicator, and shed light on the Lord through mass media.

Speaking from an economical standpoint, college is only meant for a certain group of people and not for everybody. There are many jobs in this world that do not require a college degree ranging from low to middle class jobs, but of course there are circumstances where college is undoubtedly necessary in order to obtain a high end well paying job. In the article Chronicle of Higher Education Bidwell first talks about how “Those who graduated from elite private institutions fared better than those who graduated from public universities or flagship universities” on the second page of her writing.. From an economical standpoint, going to a private university compared to a public has already helped increase my chances of succeeding after college. Whether it be the teachers inside private universities, the smaller class size, or a higher

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