The Importance Of Communication Between Women And Gender

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If communication between people was perfect we wouldn’t have things like marriage counseling and couples counseling. So, let’s be real communication is far from perfect. People grow up hanging around their own gender more than the other, leading to focusing on one style of communication more. Men and women do different things while talking and listening. Lastly, both genders look at conversations in two wildly different ways. All of these differences lead to miscommunication between men and woman.
Firstly, a lot people know that most men and women hang out with their own gender more than the other for many different reasons. This is most noticeable during high school with all the different cliques like the football players, cheerleaders, and gamer guys most keeping with their own group and gender. Men and women do this for a lot of the same reasons. They understand each other’s problems and activities more than the other gender would. For example, men can just sit for hours and fish while doing nothing else. Women would find that brain dead and boring. Women, on the other hand like to go to social events and talk about their lives. Men bond overdoing activities like fishing and gaming together and most don’t even need to talk for the bonding to happen. Women tend to bond with familiarity. The more they are together the more they bond. Also, men don’t like to talk about feelings and women on the other hand need to talk about their feelings all the time to feel secure. Since

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