The Importance Of Gender Education

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Studies have confirmed that all cultures make a noticeable distinction between girls and boys, either consciously or subconsciously. A study on gender socialization in Chinese Kindergartens (Chen & Rao, 2010) states that although the Hong Kong government does not require the teacher to teach about gender. However, there is subconscious gender-based discrimination favoring the male gender. To the contrary, America is taking a turn to gender education, starting as early as Kindergarten (FPIW, 2016), focusing on gender expressions not only as a male or female but also include non-traditional identities, for example cross-dressing. Another important distinction in the development of children is the moral evaluation of modesty and self-promotion in diverse cultural setting, as noted in this study by (Cameron, Lau, Fu, & Lee, 2012). This study analyzed how young children distinguish the truth and found that many Asian communities reinforce early socialization and view humility, unpretentiousness or modesty as an essential element of virtue. It was noted that kids perceive the truth differently based on cultural values, with Canadian children telling the truth as the truth and showing a sense of pride in acknowledging their own good deeds with no shame in telling what they did for others. On the contrary, Chinese children are more modest and sometimes preferred to deny their good deeds, feeling embarrassed to admit the truth in fear of being seen as boastful. There was also a

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