The Importance Of Conditioning And Its Effects On The Citizens

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1. Pg. 28-29
The D.H.C. (Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning) describes the process of conditioning and its effects on the citizens. He loves the Brave New World mentality and works hard to condition the citizens to follow the world orders. Through countless repetitions of specialized, perfected recordings, most children will follow all the rules of society. All people are essentially the same and have few original beliefs. The World State thinks that this keeps everyone safe and secure, with few who would actually rebel.

2. Pg. 64 @@@@
Bernard’s height has caused him to have low confidence in most aspects of his life. Besides his expertise in his job, he does not feel sufficient enough, even around those who are lower in society …show more content…

The upper castes are trying to explain why it is okay that they subjugate others and why they need a lower class to keep society going. Without one caste, the society would have major problems. Economists made similar arguments about slavery. (And it very well may be true that the most efficient society is one organized into castes, though it is unlikely that it is a happy society, which is evident in the book)

4.5. pg. 81
It has been very apparent that Bernard is self conscious of and unhappy with his appearance. However, when he is at his Solidarity Service, he cannot help but be focused on Morgana’s unibrow. He feels repulsed by it, mentioning his disgust three times in the chapter. Even though Bernard himself has feelings of physical inadequacy and is afraid of how others perceive him, he does not have any problem judging Morgana. 5. Pg. 84 @@@@
The “Orgy-porgy” song includes rhyme, which makes it fun and easy for the citizens to recite. The lyrics to the song are very juvenile and immature, since the government conditions the society to have the mindset of infants. For example, Bernard thinks that everyone should be a mature adult all the time. He told Lenina, “we went to bed yesterday- like infants-instead of being adults and waiting” (94). The government is appealing to the instinctual physical needs of the people to keep them dumb. In addition, the song encourages

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