The Importance Of Contact Information For The Director And Content Specialists

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Keep in contact with appropriate Content Specialist(s). • Participate in triplet meetings and officer transitions to help ensure a smooth transition and transfer of materials and information. Keep a well-organized, complete notebook to provide continuity from one adviser to the next. Train successor. Adviser Notebooks Each adviser, regardless of her committee assignment, should keep the following items in a notebook or in a file electronically that she brings with her to Advisory Board meetings and meetings with her committee or officer. The contact information for the officers and members can be found in KeyReports. 1. Lists a. Advisory Board roster b. Roster of local association officers (if applicable) c. Contact information for the …show more content…

Copies of correspondence and memoranda received from the campus and the community related to committee work c. Communication from local alumnae association(s) (one year) 6. Resources a. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies b. Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules c. Leadership Guides d. What To Do When for Chapters e. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised Chapter Council Adviser The Chapter Council Adviser should have knowledge and experience related to the Fraternity’s organization and a basic understanding of parliamentary procedure as she works with the executive body of the chapter. • Attend Chapter Council meetings or ensure another adviser attends any meeting she cannot attend. • Advise and assist Chapter Council in all of its work. • Grant excuses for absences from Initiation. • Advise the chapter President. • Advise the chapter Nominating Committee unless Advisory Board appoints another adviser. • Be present for chapter officer elections or ensure that another adviser will attend. • Be present when chapter Bylaws and/or Standing Rules are revised and voted upon. • Serve as member ex officio of House Board and attend House Board meetings with the chapter President. • Serve as a member of the chapter’s Emergency Procedure Team. • Assist in training

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