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New Member Periods Less than 6 Weeks: If your school requires the new member period to be less than six weeks, you should immediately contact your adviser and Programming Specialist to discuss the appropriate schedule if you don’t already have one. It is a requirement that all of our new members complete all areas of the New Member Experience. However, given that our New Member Experience is more than just Formal Pledging, we have some flexibility. Our recommendation is that you present the following key areas of EME programming, in-person meetings and online course work during the formal pledging period. This may require multiple meetings per week to ensure they are completed. • Fraternity Education • Finance • Risk Management
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The New Member Chairman is responsible for scheduling and planning two additional New Member Experience meetings to further develop and build relationships with the newly initiated members.
These meetings should be scheduled in the semester following Initiation and before the end of their first year of membership with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ideas for these meetings can be found in the appendix. These meetings should meet the following goals. 1. Build a strong sense of sisterhood. 2. Touch base to find out how the New Member Experience is going. 3. Address any questions. Big Sisters/Little Sisters Each chapter plans, organizes and reveals their big sister and little sister pairings at different times and in different ways. The current six-week and eight-week schedules outlines that interested big sisters and little sisters will indicate their selections for pairings during the fourth week of the New Member Experience. The big sister and little sister pairings are then revealed during the fifth week. Please note that while this is the recommended timeline, Kappa recognizes that each chapter is unique and will implement this experience a little differently. In regards to the big sister and little sister experience, please make sure to adhere to the following guidelines. • Preference should always go to the little sister’s first choice whenever possible. • Members wishing to be a

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