The Importance Of Cultural Traditions

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Culture is the quality and features of a family or group of people defined by all things such as traditions, beliefs, language, food, clothing, and religion. It is common for people living in other societies to genuinely have different culture traditions and beliefs. However, most will carry on the basic traditions and morals as a whole even though they may have different beliefs. Some may argue that by carrying on certain traditions can lead to negative outcomes, or strengthen the cultural. Traditional values on ones cultural can become critical as society changes, such as the “older” beliefs that the younger generation cannot agree with. When it comes down to it, in the end culture is simply about behavior, and the way one may think. Culture traditions are a learned behavior that comes from within the family and is supposed to help guide us through our daily lives. However, some cultures beliefs can lead to a negative effect on some individuals. For example, some cultural traditions still utilize arranged marriages. With society changing this can really have an impact on those involved in the younger generations. Women and men in today’s society may not want to be told whom she will marry, and this can cause havoc on the family and beliefs as a whole. The families involved in the arranged marriage, are heavily involved, especially the parents. The future bride and groom do not have much say in the matter, as opposed to other marriage traditions. Although arranged

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